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Enjoy Sailing without worries

that's the way I like it
In your free time you don’t want to worry and hassle and really want to be free. That is exactly what we have to offer with the lemsteraak LE16.

Sailing is a party, a lot has been written about it. Certainly if you can do that with a lemsteraak of 16.5 meters such as the LE16. That is the Royal way, after all.

Sailing without worries

The idea behind Sailing Without Worries is that you, and many with you, would like to become acquainted with sailing with a special ship. You want to participate in a hard sail or take a nice mini-cruise or you want to experience a typical sailing day a la “Swiss Life” feeling. That is all possible. Exactly the way you want it! Everything arranged and without the concerns that having your own ship of this size and luxury entails. Go to the “Find your best sailing trip” page for all sailing trips.

Sailing Without Worries you can already try out by simply sailing with the Lemsteraak LE16 once or renting the ship with skipper and all for a wonderful sailing afternoon.

Sailing without worries

  • I have been through the canals in Amsterdam by boat and grew up with a fishing father in Canada, but nothing prepared me for the Wow factor on such an amazing voyage!
    We were lucky with incredible weather and Olaf is a skilled and passionate captain who effortlessly manned the sail and was informative to the surrounding geography and workings of the boat.
    The LE16, is breath-taking! I felt humbled and safe upon her, with the motor off and only the sound of the wind on her sail, I fell under her spell!
    This will definitely not be my last trip

    Sheree Roth
  • Super Skipper,
    Wunderbarer Umgang mit die Teilnehmerin und tolle Aktionen am Bord.

    Immer wieder gerne ….

    Ingrid Postner

Free Raincheque

Even at the weather we thought. Because what if the weather is so bad that it cannot be sailed, the layman wonders?

Well, first of all, the experience learns that it rarely occurs but in case it happens we offer, because the Lemsteraak LE16 guarantees you sailing without worries, as an extra guarantee a free Raincheque. (To avoid misunderstandings, please read the terms and conditions and click the button)

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Clean ship, Super Service & organization, top catering, great hospitality.

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